10th Annual Freebie Top 5: Who's on YOUR list?

It's that time of year again! Yes, it's the 5th day of the 5th month of the year, and it's time for our...

Freebie Top 5 List 2017

OMG, can you believe it's been TEN WHOLE YEARS?!  So, are we going to do anything special?  Well, yes, because, even though the Freebie List is pretty damn special already, getting stuff in the mail is even better!  So...

Share your own list, and a nifty box of some of my favourite things could be coming your way. (I'm a beauty consultant -- that might give you a hint of what's to come.  Just saying.)  I'll announce the lucky victim winner on the morning of Friday, May 12 in my blog post that day.

If you're new here and are wondering "wtf is a freebie list?", it's "A list of 5 celebrities who, should the opportunity arise, one is allowed to sleep with without it being considered as cheating by your significant other." (Urban Dictionary)

And yes, we do this every year -- as you can see here and from here.  We have to.  Some guys get weird or creepy and have to be removed.  Others pull a McDreamy, and the list is SCREAMING for you to add them.  You just never know.  So we review the list annually.  It's really the responsible thing to do.  It's only fair.

Okay, when making your list, the Number One Rule is There Are No Rules.  Actually, that's a lie.  There are 5 rules...

1: Remember that this is all in fun. You cannot use "Nenette said it was okay" as your defense when you get arrested for breaking into Channing Tatum, Beyonce, or Arnold Schwarzenegger's house or anything like that.  I did not say it was okay. I love y'all but you're on your own.
2: Stick to 5. Any more would be greedy, and I'm all about the sharing.
3: Keep it to current humans -- as in 'alive and at their present age'. You shouldn't need a time machine to do the nasty with them. (Do you hear me, Sylvia?!)
4: Speaking of "the nasty", THAT IS ALL.  Just sex.  No relationships. Nothing serious. Think a secluded tropical getaway, a steamy night in a hotel, even a hot quickie in a dark alley.  In case there's any confusion, see #1.
5: Think long and hard about this! This is your list FOR THE YEAR. Pretend it's laminated.

Drop your freebie list in the comments here on or on my Facebook page.  If you drop it on both locations, they'll be counted both times!

Okay, here's mine...

1:  Gerard Butler
Will he ever be out of my list?  Likely not.  There's just something about this guy.
Lainey once said he doesn't seem to know how to wear pants, but if your body was designed to wear a kilt, is that even an issue?  Really?!
I still can't watch his films.  I like to stick to his interviews because he's funnier and sweeter.  In a movie role, his lack of accent throws me off, then I think "Oh, hey, it's Gerry pretending to be a Secret Service Agent", and eventually, I tune out... until he takes off his shirt.

2:  Keanu Reeves
Why have I never put this man on my list?!  Okay, I know this list is all about "the nasty", but there's so much to this guy.  He's tall, dark, and handsome, the strong-silent type, a bassist with a rock band (like me!), an accomplished actor/producer, spiritual, lives simply, and he's Canadian.  His mom also taught him English manners.
And because he's in his 50s, I don't feel quite so cradle-robby.
Hey, he was filming here.  Does anyone know if he's still in town?  Just asking.  For a friend.

3:  Benedict Cumberbatch
Tall, dark, handsome, with an accent and a natural photobomber talent.  The accent, the intensity, the voice that makes you feel like you're wrapped up in chocolate.  Dark chocolate with nuts.  Almonds.  Yes, dark chocolate covered almonds.

4:  Adrian Grenier
I've never watched The Entourage so I don't know much, but I did watch him in that teen flick with Melissa Joan Hart.  And that's all.  So this one is purely physical.  I've always loved the tall, dark, and handsome -- with light eyes.  It's so sexy.  The fact that this is the look of almost every hero of the erotic romance novels I read has nothing to do with it.
Nope, not at all.

5:  Victor Webster
I loved him in Charmed, and really, he's aged quite nicely.  He's tall, handsome, and Canadian who's also a Martial Arts master.  He's funny, affectionate, a loyal friend, and has a great photographic eye.  And let's face it, I'm a sucker for a scruffy guy.
Of all the guys on my list, I'm willing to bet he smells the most like sandalwood.  Yes, that still matters.  A lot.  A really lot.

Now, your turn... and GO!

My Legging Saga & My New Fave from Svelte.

A long time ago, during my foolish youth, I swore I would NEVER wear leggings...

:. I always felt SO NAKED wearing them.
Seriously, they hide nothing.  I don't want dirty old men, except my husband, staring at my ass!

:. They aren't very "forgiving".
I'm a 40-something mom of 2, for pete's sake!  I'm still working at getting in shape, but until I get there, I had no business wearing leggings.
Of course, my girlfriends (bless their hearts) were all "Nenette, you look fine!  What are you talking about?!"  My typical response was "Do the words People of Walmart mean anything to you?!"

:. They are so impractical.
OMG, where are the pockets?!

That all changed when I got cold...
Two winters ago, I got a really soft thick pair of leggings for Christmas.  The temps had just hit -35C, and I was not into wearing jeans that night.  So I threw on the leggings, and my life forever changed.
They kept me toasty warm...
They S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D to accommodate my huge dinner...
They looked cute and slimming paired up with the long babydoll top I put on...

Next thing you know, I'm wearing leggings ALL. THE. TIME....  Shopping.  Hiphop class.  Parent Council meetings.  Gardening.  Business meetings.  School pick-up.

But there was still something missing from my legging life...

Enter Svelte

A few weeks back, I received an email asking if I'd review one of the beautiful items from Svelte Shapewear.

Now, ordering online is usually hit-or-miss with me, and in the past, shapewear would totally drive me mental, restricting my breathing and movement.  But they are a Canadian company, and I'm a Canadian girl who loves shopping local.  Plus, Founder Liliana Turecki, like me, is also a 40-something busy mom, and if anyone would know my wardrobe struggles, it's another 40-something busy mom.  I knew I had to take a look.

Browsing the site, I was impressed with their beautiful selection of tops, skirts, and even jeans, but I knew exactly what I had to try:  Cargo Leggings.  I'm all about the pockets, people.  I would be lying if that wasn't the deciding factor.
I said 'YES!', and before I knew it, these beauties arrived at my door.
Perfect for an evening at Zumba.
In the package, they were so tiny, but when I slipped them on, OMG, they were so comfortable!
Are these my perfect leggings?  Yes.  Yes, they are...

:. They are beautiful, strong, and versatile... also, sexy and stylish!
Made with ultra-soft quality cotton spandex, these cargo leggings are both flattering and well-constructed.  They look classy enough to pair with high heels, yet strong enough to use for Zumba!
And no matter how much I bend, they keep their shape.
Me resting after a quick Zumba dance.  Not even kidding.
:. They controlled my tummy comfortably and effectively.
Constructed with a 4-way stretch spandex, the tummy panel flattens my belly even on the most bloated days without making me feel constricted. Check out how slim they make me look!
They are seriously comfortable. In fact, I'm completely unaware of them when they're on. They work with my body, not against it.
Feeling a little badass in these leggings, no?
:. They have pockets!
Need I say more?  Yes, of course I do!  I put cash in my pockets.  My ID.  Even my phone!  I can quickly run out of the house without grabbing a purse.  So awesome!

:. For everything you get, it's a reasonable price.
I normally wouldn't purchase a pair of leggings for anything over $20.  Especially online.  It's never easy to know what you're getting when purchasing online.  But these leggings are COMPLETELY worth it!  And yes, because they're so well-made, these leggings will last for a very long time.  So much mileage!

Thank you so much, Svelte, for making these amazing leggings!  This will be the first of many Svelte Shapewear leggings (and other things!) I'll be wearing for sure.

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Welcome: A 2017 Relaunch

I'M SO EXCITED!!!  It's TODAY!  The day I figuratively throw open the double doors to my beautiful new online home!   It's totally a "caps-lock" worthy event, don't you think?


Yes, I've changed my blog name AGAIN.  But I think this is it, because, you know, it's my name.  I don't think I'll ever be annoyed with it enough to change it, unlike the other two blog names... which we'll pretend was all just a bad dream.  Ahem.


Come on in.  Grab a drink.  There's a pitcher of green tea in the fridge, some red on the table, and a bottle of Drambuie on the bar.  Sit somewhere comfy.  We're all pillows and lounges here.  Really, mi casa es su casa!

If you've hopped over from my old blog, Life Candya super-huge welcome!  I'm so grateful that you've come along to my new home.

You'll probably recognize some of the furniture.  I've decluttered A LOT and left a ton of stuff at the old place, but I brought some of my favourite pieces over.  So, really, it's pretty similar, but less sweet and more saucy, with a hint more cowbell.

  • TO MAKE A CLEAN BREAK:  I had originally created Life Candy to be my "more than just a mom" blog, the place to live the last 10% of me that was "the hot girl with style and brains".  Well, that backfired and actually became a mom blog.  And no matter how much I wrote about other stuff, you all just wanted to hear about my kids!  Apparently, it didn't have enough Calgon to... you know.  So, I'm hoping this blog does.
  • TO HAVE ONE FOCUS:  I don't like being haunted by my mommy past.  Clean slate perfectionist in me says so.
  • FOR BETTER FUNCTIONALITY:  For Life Candy, I had taken a free Blogger template with good bones and code-nerded my way through it.  I loved it but Blogger came out with new useful features (like 'reply to comments'), and my template was so hacked up that I couldn't implement them!  
  • A NON-CRINGEY NAME:  I loved it before, but now I'm almost embarrassed to say "Life Candy"!  That can't be a good sign.  Feels like I'm saying "moist".  Ugh.
  • I DON'T EVEN LIKE CANDY!!!  Except for chocolate.


.. my usual eccentric approach to creating a crazy fun and fulfilling life through exceptional self-care and rampant self-experimentation.
Seriously, prepare to be amazed as I try all sorts of crazy-ass shit.  Remember my no-poo experiments on my old blog?  Yeah, like that.

I tend to write for brilliant people...
... who believe that they deserve more out of life,
... who want to become better versions of their already amazing selves,
... who want to satisfy their adventurous souls to see "what's next", and
... who aren't afraid to try crazy stuff on the off chance it might actually be pretty damn amazing!

Think: creating a happy, natural, sexy, stylish, healthy, simple, NOT-BORING balanced lifestyle.

  • A one-product blog.  It's a holistic approach to a balanced life that includes dance, beauty, fitness, weights, style, and the enjoyment of tv shows like Archer, among other things.  
  • A place where whining and bitching reign supreme.  Well, there will be a little bit to be honest, but if I do, it's merely a segue to a positive resolution or a way to beat the living daylights out of the person who made me whine and bitch.  Okay, kidding about that last part.  Maybe.
  • An "I'm perfect so take my advice because I am all-knowing, and I have perfect hair every day" blog.  I'm not here to brag or compete.  And my hair right now looks horrendous.  I'm here to show my efforts, my flaws, and hopefully, my triumphs.  I'm just like you.  Difference is I'm just willing to put it all out there, overshare, and totally TMI y'all.
  • A hula blog.  I do love hula.  I love the culture it was born from.  I love teaching it.  I love dancing it.  I love the way I feel when I dance it.  It's a very big part of my identity.  You'll only get some announcements of any future workshops or events, cultural info, or even get an occasional pic of me dancing... like so...

Oh, look, a pic of us actually performing hula... oooh... aaah...


The big flip couldn't have happened without the following gorgeousnesses...

My husband and kids...  who unfailingly give me their love, adoration, and crazy suggestions for blog names, food perfume ideas, possible political TV shows for kids, weird obelisks to put up in our front yard, and bizarre items to bury in our backyard, among other things... which cannot be shared here.

One of my besties, Dee... who has been and always will be (not sure if she knows she's signed up for that)  just a text away for everything, including this blog.  She is always ready to laugh at another crazy idea, has joined me on many of them (like hip hop class, omg), and has an approach to things frighteningly similar to mine. (Stop it, mind reader!)

My blogging family...  who were in the "trenches" with me in the old skool days of blogging, panicked with me during the Twitter "Fail Whale" times, and stayed my friends even after the blogging stopped took a weird turn down to "where the hell have you been, Nenette?!"-ville.

My devoted LC readers... both lurkers and commenters...  who are totally a hoot to have around, so I hope you come along with me for this crazy-ass ride.

My Isagenix, Zumba, & Dance Families... who've always had faith in me, reassured me that I am totally awesome, and that I can accomplish whatever I put my mind on.  They also have amazing butts.  Really.  You need to see these people.  HAWT.


Look up at the menu bar.  Dig in, babies!

And welcome!

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