50... aka "Oh, Crap, She's Back!"

Yes, this week, I turn 50!!!

 Feels like only yesterday that I was just turning 40.  It was a weird decade, and frankly, I'm glad it's over.  I'm leaving the bullshit behind, pressing the reset button, starting new, and celebrating!

So, as my gift to myself, and to you too, of course, I humbly and excitedly throw open the doors to my "new and improved" online home...

Welcome to NenetteMayor.com!

Come on in. Grab a drink. There's a teapot of darjeeling on the counter, some sangria in the fridge, and a bottle of Drambuie on the bar.  You'll probably recognize some of the furniture. I've decluttered a lot but kept many of my favourite pieces. So, it's pretty similar, but less sweet and more saucy, with a hint more cowbell.


Okay, I'll give you the short answer, because I just got back to this, and I'm still a little rusty.  Maybe I'll overshare the longer version at a later date.


Anyway, remember my kids, Lam and Mini?...

Yeah, well, they look like this now... May I present Luc and Miranda...

Crazy, right?  I KNOW! 
It's like BAM!!! Some wizard broke into my house and turned my videogame playing son who had no time for girls into an aspiring engineer who's seriously dating my best friend's daughter. Then this same wizard transformed my little dancey-princess daughter who was comfortable in her big brother's shadow into a multi-genre, award-winning dancer/scholar who thrives on sharing her activist message in her own spotlight.

Anyway, when the smoke cleared from all the breaking and entering, wizarding, and parenting, the kids were out with friends, my house was a cluttered shambles, and my Roomie (Cam) was hiding in the basement, giggling at public freakout videos.

As for me, I was left wondering what had happened. To me.  Because the almost-50yo woman in the mirror looked tired and fat chonky bloated. My complexion was as dull and blotchy as my brain. I had hit full-on rock bottom with a generous sprinkling of stabby.

Obviously, since the kids no longer need me to dress them, entertain them, or wipe their butts (ew), I've found myself with a wee bit more time on my hands, and have decided to tackle my issues head-on.

So, I embarked on a new adventure to claw my way back to Queen of Hottie Hot Hotness (I wonder if I get a castle), because it's my phase 2, and my Glory Days aren't over.

Then I realized that a number of my girlfriends are going through the same thing. And if we all are, maybe some of you out there are too!

I figured sharing my experiences, adventures, and experiments in life-redesign on the pages of this here blog for all of you gorgeous people would be inspiring, helpful, and, at the very least, a study in hilarity and the occasional "what not to do".


* A return to my island girl roots. A cleaner, more natural, simpler, and more relaxed approach to life. Life redesign with a tropical touch.

* Tips on looking youthful.  I'm all about aging gracefully and naturally, but I also get that many of you want to fight it violently.  With swords and grenades.  I've also been told that I look young. I'll share what I do and what I use.

* Less about the kids, because they post less on social than me. Rebelling against their oversharing mother, naturally.  Note that I said "less" and not "nothing", because they're kinda still a huge part of my life.

* GenX perspective.  This time around, my point of view is a tad different. I've moved a decade forward. I'm 50, and that's a big difference from... 49.

* This isn't a place where whining and bitching reign supreme.  Well, there will be a little bit to be honest, but if I do, it's merely a segue to a positive resolution or a way to beat the living daylights out of the person who made me whine and bitch.  Okay, kidding about that last part.  Maybe.

* This is NOT an "I'm perfect so take my advice because I am all-knowing, and I have perfect hair every day" blog.  I'm not here to brag or compete.  And my hair right now looks horrendous.  I'm here to show my efforts, my flaws, and hopefully, my triumphs.  I'm just like you.  Difference is I'm just willing to put it all out there, overshare, and totally TMI y'all.


This comeback couldn't have happened without the following gorgeousnesses...

My husband and kids...  who unfailingly give me their love, adoration, and crazy suggestions for blog names, food perfume ideas, possible political TV kid shows, bizarre time capsule items to bury in our back garden, weird obelisks to put up in our front yard, and many many other things... which cannot be shared here.

One of my besties, Dee... who has been and always will be (not sure if she knows she's signed up for that)  just a text away for everything, including this blog.  She is always ready to laugh at another crazy idea, has joined me on many of them (like hip hop class, omg), and has an approach to things frighteningly similar to mine. (Stop it, mind reader!)

My blogging family...  who were in the "trenches" with me in the old skool days of blogging, panicked with me during the Twitter "Fail Whale" times, and stayed my friends even after the blogging stopped took a weird turn down "where the hell have you been, Nenette?!"-ville.

My devoted LC readers... both lurkers and commenters...  who are totally a hoot to have around, so I hope you come along with me for this crazy-ass ride.

My HOT HULA fitness® aiga, SOTV sisters, & Hip Hop dance family... who've always had faith in me, reassured me that I am totally awesome, and that I can accomplish whatever I put my mind to.  They also have amazing booties.  Really.  You need to see these people.  HAWT.


Start flipping through these posts and warm up to the love and chaos in these pages.  Dig in, babies!  Have fun!

Then check in with me once (maybe even twice!) a week for the latest and greatest in lifehacking genX-style!

And welcome!


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