Svelte Review: My New Fave Leggings

A long time ago, during my foolish youth, I swore I would NEVER wear leggings...  

:. I always felt SO NAKED wearing them. Seriously, they hide nothing.  I don't want dirty old men, except my husband, staring at my ass!  

:. They aren't very "forgiving". I'm a 40-something mom of 2, for pete's sake!  I'm still working at getting in shape, but until I get there, I had no business wearing leggings. Of course, my girlfriends (bless their hearts) were all "Nenette, you look fine!  What are you talking about?!"  My typical response was "Do the words People of Walmart mean anything to you?!"

 :. They are so impractical. OMG, where are the pockets?!

That all changed when I got cold...
Two winters ago, I got a really soft thick pair of leggings for Christmas.  The temps had just hit -35C, and I was not into wearing jeans that night.

So I threw on the leggings, and my life forever changed. They kept me toasty warm... They S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D to accommodate my huge dinner... They looked cute and slimming paired up with the long babydoll top I put on...

Next thing you know, I'm wearing leggings ALL. THE. TIME....  Shopping.  Hiphop class.  Parent Council meetings.  Gardening.  Business meetings. School pick-up. But there was still something missing from my legging life...  

Enter Svelte

A few weeks back, I received an email asking if I'd review one of the beautiful items from Svelte Shapewear.

Now, ordering online is usually hit-or-miss with me, and in the past, shapewear would totally drive me mental, restricting my breathing and movement.  But they are a Canadian company, and I'm a Canadian girl who loves shopping local.

Plus, Founder Liliana Turecki, like me, is also a 40-something busy mom, and if anyone would know my wardrobe struggles, it's another 40-something busy mom.  I knew I had to take a look.

Browsing the site, I was impressed with their beautiful selection of tops, skirts, and even jeans, but I knew exactly what I had to try:  Cargo Leggings.

I'm all about the pockets, people.  I would be lying if that wasn't the deciding factor. I said 'YES!', and before I knew it, these beauties arrived at my door.

Perfect for an evening at Zumba.

In the package, they were so tiny, but when I slipped them on, OMG, they were so comfortable! Are these my perfect leggings?  Yes.  Yes, they are...  

:. They are beautiful, strong, and versatile... also, sexy and stylish! Made with ultra-soft quality cotton spandex, these cargo leggings are both flattering and well-constructed.  They look classy enough to pair with high heels, yet strong enough to use for Zumba! And no matter how much I bend, they keep their shape.

Me resting after a quick Zumba dance.  Not even kidding.

:. They controlled my tummy comfortably and effectively. Constructed with a 4-way stretch spandex, the tummy panel flattens my belly even on the most bloated days without making me feel constricted.  

Check out how slim they make me look! They are seriously comfortable. In fact, I'm completely unaware of them when they're on. They work with my body, not against it.

Feeling a little badass in these leggings, no?

:. They have pockets! Need I say more? No, but I will!  I put cash in my pockets.  My ID.  Even my phone!  I can quickly run out of the house without grabbing a purse.  So awesome!

 :. For everything you get, it's a reasonable price. I normally wouldn't purchase a pair of leggings for anything over $20.  Especially online.  It's never easy to know what you're getting when purchasing online.  But these leggings are COMPLETELY worth it!  And yes, because they're so well-made, these leggings will last for a very long time.  So much mileage!

Thank you so much, Svelte, for making these amazing leggings!  This will be the first of many Svelte Shapewear leggings (and other things!) I'll be wearing for sure.

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