project 333: building a capsule wardrobe

Okay, here's the deal:
3 months 33 articles of clothing
Courtney of Be More With Less has set up Project 333 and dares us to survive 3 months -- from now 'til December 31 -- with only 33 articles of clothing.

In case it's not obvious, I, my lovelies, am taking the dare! And you can do it too! 

If you're wondering if I'm really drunk high being unrealistically over-ambitious this time and that I'm trying to pull you into the crazy end of the swimming pool, just head over to Courtney's for the complete set of rules.

You'll see that it's completely realistic and doable, and I won't be forced into going commando or resorting to sleeping in the buff (much to Roomie's chagrin). You can start anytime, so if you think it's too late to join, it's not, so go and check it out.

Okay, back to me...

My List of 33.

1. jeans
2. khaki pants
3. black wool skirt
4. black leggings
5. white printed t-shirt
6. plain black t-shirt
7. plain grey t-shirt
8. plain white t-shirt
9. "Superman" t-shirt
10. plain black long-sleeved shirt
11. white "Active" long-sleeved shirt
12. black sweater
13. black vest
14. burgundy t-shirt
15. green t-shirt

1. black fuzzy hat
2. brown bag
3. blue/black sarong
4. black gloves

1. wedding ring
2. iron ring
3. watch
4. woven bracelet
5. small gold hoop earrings

1. denim coat
2. black trench
3. long Hellraiser-ish winter coat
4. parka

1. black casuals
2. black heels
3. winter boots
4. white high heels
5. rain boots

Random Thoughts.

+ I've always wanted to build a "basics" wardrobe, and this will push me to start.
+ Because of my FatBet project, I'll likely need to get rid of many of the ill-fitting clothes in my closet anyway.
+ I want to kick Pareto's 80-20 principle in the bum.
+ I may have totally screwed myself for the up-coming holiday season.
+ The fact that I'm a girl may have serious implications on this project, but the fact that I work from home in my lounge wear will hopefully level that playing field.
+ I'm not including my summer clothes, which have been sadly packed away for the season, so this is strictly fall/winter stuff.
+ When I was making my list, I found myself thinking that, if I only had 33 clothes to wear, they all had to count. And so many of my clothes didn't make the cut, but I'd rather have less than 33 items than have several items I wouldn't want to wear. I wondered if I had to actually go shopping! 
This is my rack... Roomie's is the loaded one above.

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