A Big Bag of Trouble

... and in the immortal words of The Tick: "That's Trouble with a capital TROUB!"

Look at me, carrying my luggage -- my big bag of life's essentials plus a whole bunch of other junk that fell into the black hole that is my bag, and, I swear, went into hiding.

I love this thing. It's stylish, casual, and fake leather. $39 at Smart Set in St.Vital. I just sling it over my shoulders across my chest, and I'm fully-equipped yet hands-free. It's awesome.

But why the big bag? Where is that small swing purse I swore I'd use as soon as both kids were potty-trained and I was diaper-gear-free?

Ah, my small swing purse. I remember getting it so many years ago, when I finally accepted that I couldn't carry everything in my pockets without looking like a complete moron.

But it's okay. Back then, I didn't need much. Just my wallet, lipstick, keys, paperback novel, and gum.

Now, I guess I need more. I have a big bag -- so I must NEED MORE stuff to carry around... right? RIGHT?!!! (scroll down for the list)
1: paperback novel (Julie Garwood's The Wedding -- a fun book I like to keep in the bag for emergency reading situations)
2: Global Mind shopping bag - which folds down really tiny to almost nothing
3: big notebook - daily To-Dos and blog ideas
4: small notebook - because I'd forgotten it was in here
5: cellphone - my Razr which I LOVE
6: mp3 player
7: 2 tissue packets
8: 2 pairs of gloves
9: 3 pens
10: sunglasses
11: pack of gum - Spermint Xylichew
12: deck of cards - for "Go Fish" when the kids get bored or a quick game of Solitare
13: hairclip
14: lipstick - Aveda CocoPlum liptint
15: perfume sample papers from Fruits & Passions
16: 3 toothbrushes, 1 special bridge brush, 5 packs of floss threaders, and 2 sample flosses -- from my dental appointment yesterday.

And this doesn't even include the emergency first aid kit I grab when I have the kids with me. Sigh.

Oh yeah, I shamelessly copied Ali, when I did this. She's funny. I like her. I want to be her. Except with only 2 kids.

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