My "Natural Hair" Secret...

As many of my friends can attest to, my hair is a big part of my image, my Island Girl look.

So, when I got so many compliments on my hair in my video post, I was overjoyed, over the moon, over so many things I was literally floating on air and dusting the top of my cupboards. No, not really - I hate dusting - but I was happy. Thanks again, y'all! *winky-wink*

And now, at the risk of freaking out my friends, I will tell you my gorgeous-hair secret: I don't use shampoo.

Yes, you read right. No need to re-read. I sport a No 'Poo 'Do. How's that for minimalist/low-maintenance hair?! :)  

Why No Shampoo?
For the same reason why I stopped using facial cleanser. Facial cleanser, like shampoo, cleans too well. Shampoo can be too harsh for your hair and scalp. It strips away all the sebum (natural oils), leaving your hair and scalp dry.

So, in response, your scalp then produces more sebum, resulting in greasy hair fast. Thus begins the vicious cycle: Your hair is greasy, so you shampoo, which leads to more grease. Besides, it's more natural to clean the body mechanically (scrubbing action) rather than chemical (grease-cutting of soap). And I like to use the natural approach.  

How Did I Do This?
So, I broke the shampoo-grease cycle about 6 weeks ago, I think it was, after reading about it first at Sarah's no 'poo adventures posts. Now, when I hop in the shower, I - with water, my fingers, and a good wide-tooth comb - scrub my scalp to clean it, and comb my hair to redistribute the natural oils. I then rub conditioner into the ends.

From various sites, I was told to expect really bad greasy hair for anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months until the oils normalize. And for about 2-3 weeks, it was really gross. Imagine what it feels like to have a large lump of clay molded around your head... for 3 weeks. Yeah, like that. Sexy, eh? I seriously contemplated doing a Brit. Nasty.  

After the GTP (Gunky Transition Period)... My perseverance paid off beyond my wildest expectations. I noticed the following things start to happen post-GTP:
  • My hair has more shine, natural bounce and volume... even when I air-dry!
  • My waves are fuller (more curly than straight).
  • More good hair days... even after just rolling out of bed.
  • Less hair in the shower drain catcher.
  • The dandruff problem that plagued me since my teens started calming down - less itching, less flakes.
Moreover, I love that it's simple, fast, cheap, green, and natural. I don't have to use any more styling product, to waste time blowdrying and styling, and to chance poisoning my body through my skin. And I'm not pouring toxic, unnatural chemicals down the drain and into our lakes and rivers. Sweet.  

The Future...
As soon as my conditioner is used up, I'll start looking into using coconut oil instead. I've read that it prevents product build up, yet provides good moisture for those of us with flaky/dry scalps. Oh, I may even add some ylang-ylang essential oil to get that pretty, 'just showered' smell.  

Tips for Those Interested...
Some No 'Poo people use baking soda and/or apple cider vinegar to clean their hair, so if you're apprehensive about going cold turkey, you can try that in the interim. Some great info can be assimilated at The No-'Poo Do, so check it out!

Any questions? Hit me, baby! :)

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