Is it Ever OK to Eat Lipstick?

Photo: Experiment in Lipstick

[Reprinted from my original blog January 2008]

No, I don't think it's ever OK to eat lipstick.

I don't open my purse while running errands and think "I only have time for a bite of  lipsheer".   It's been a long time since I bought lip product for its scent and/or taste... although cherry-flavoured lip balm still makes me smile.

But I know I still end up eating it... while eating my tasty poached eggs, drinking my cups of green tea, smooching with Roomie (the hubby)...

In fact, the average woman eats over 6 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime (that's over 500 tubes!)... so maybe we should be buying lipstick based on its edibility.

In Cindy Mortimer's article in the November 2007 Issue of Alive Magazine, many ingredients in drugstore lipsticks are known to cause irritation and UV sensitivity, are known pollutants, and are known to be carcinogenic. Yum.

For truly yummy lipstick, reach for the natural stuff containing Vitamin E as a preservative, ingredients like cinnamon or shea butter as antiseptics, and emollients such as cocoa butter or beeswax.

Is your lipstick harmful or healthy? Find out at:

Roomie just suggested that the next post should be "Is it Ever OK to Eat Glue?"   Good grief...

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